BYP modules

ModulBYP is called to mark a watershed in safety and in the speed of building modules for tunnels.

The main European rules and directives in the field of tunnel safety require the presence of pedestrian passageways between the two tunnels, with a maximum distance of 300 metres allowed between one and another.

This ensures an escape route and even the possibility of building a temporary shelter in the event of a fire.

Consequently, Zitrón, combining its experience and a major commitment by its R&D Department, came up with ModulBYP.

This patented* module is unique in the world thanks to its standardisation, "turnkey” delivery and a significant reduction in building time.

It provides a maximum level of safety and supports the local buffer while ensuring the necessary equipment for the safety, maintenance, and communication of the shelters with connections to electrical power and data grids.

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* Patent No. MI2009A2211