Electronic fan

The new generation of Jet Fans

Major national and international safety regulations* are very clear regarding the installation of ventilation systems in tunnels that exceed a length of 1,000 metres.

In the case of shorter tunnels, safety will depend on the proper verification of the requirements in each specific case. This requires in-depth studies based on the particular data of each tunnel, such as the diameter, perimeter, slope, traffic volume expected…

To meet these needs, Zitrón, always at the forefront, has developed its Jet Fan range; latest generation electric fans:

JZie—JZ Rie

JZe —JZ Re

 Thanks to their three-dimensional suspension system, they can be adapted to all diameters and installation modes.

Equipped with a bypass that enables the direct automatic start-up of the machine during emergency work, in addition to a frequency-variation speed control system.


  • Permanent air flow control
  • Power factor increase
  • Less time and reduced cost regarding installation in the tunnel
  • Lower power consumption
  • Lower power demand
  • Lower starting current
  • Lower rated voltage
  • Reduced harmonics in the supply line
  • Significant reduction in noise levels and noise optimisation
  • Reduced stop and reverse times

Click here to learn more about the technical features of JZie/Jze

* All new generation Zitrón fans have certified as fire resistant according to EN-12101-3.