Zitrón Services

For Zitrón every project is unique. The same can be said of our After-Sales Service. Our intention is to ensure customer satisfaction and the safety of end users.

Consultancy services

We listen to the needs of the customers and help them get what they want in a personalised manner. We design and manufacture, but we are also on site to solve any queries or requirements that may arise quickly.


Zitrón is responsible for the start-to-finish installation thanks to our team of expert professionals and the quality of our final product. This translates into less time and an assembly process in line with the level of safety and efficiency that every project deserves.


Zitrón offers preventive and corrective maintenance services for the optimal preservation of each project´s ventilation systems.

We have the experience and the specific tools to ensure the highest standards of quality required by each system.

Spare parts storage and management

We offer solutions regarding the storage and service of spare parts for ventilation systems, ensuring optimal storage conditions and the availability of the necessary spare parts (fans, motors, wheels, etc.) for each project.

Provisional ventilation

We have a wide range of solutions for projects that require temporary ventilation systems or simulation tests in tunnels.

Our experience and continuous innovation has enabled Zitrón to win major projects involving ventilation systems in tunnels, the Underground, mines, and hydroelectric power plants throughout the world.

Mobile Work Platform

After more than 40 years in the industry we know, thanks to our experience and contacts with our customers, that one of their top concerns is to be able to perform assembly and maintenance work in tunnels in an efficient and safe manner.

For this reason, Zitrón offers a unique product:

The PEMP is a Mobile Work Platform, especially designed to perform assembly and maintenance tasks in tunnels, but at the same time designed to be driven on public roads. Therefore, it is always where it is needed.

Its articulated arm provides access to each and every part of a tunnel. Robust and easy to maintain, it is equipped with all the security measures that prevent it from moving while people are working on the platform.

Its design, manufacture, and the quality control performed entirely by our Zitrón personnel, together with its protective measures and rescue device, make it an essential tool that will save time and prevent risks when performing assembly and maintenance work in tunnels.